If we look back in recent history, Iowa’s rural landscape was one with more people: families and children, farmers and townsfolk, people of diverse ages fueling rural economies. Rural residents have been moving to metro areas where there are more opportunities to make a living, meet friends and build community. Rural schools are consolidating, businesses are closing and our once thriving rural communities are losing their vibrancy. This trend is not inevitable. Practical Farmers of Iowa has a different vision for the future, ONE OF REVIVAL.


  • Repopulating rural communities with farmers. This conference will strategize how to create markets and infrastructure for small grains and cover crop industries. We’ll talk about how to bring fruit, vegetable and livestock farms – and the resulting jobs and healthy food – back to our small communities.

  • Regenerating Iowa soils by putting living roots in the ground year-round,by diversifying crop rotations and by re-introducing livestock to the landscape. The wellbeing of our rural communities depends on healthy soil.

  • Rejuvenating our creeks and rivers, and bringing clean water back to Iowa.We will talk about ways that all Iowans can have clean water.

  • Opportunities for the next generation. Our conference will abound with education for beginning farmers to learn the skills they need to succeed, and for families to learn how to put strategies in place to help their farm succession plans match their values and goals.
Be part of the 30-plus-year tradition of information-sharing and join our REVIVAL. Hear farmers delve into the science behind soil health, and learn how to grow and market a multitude of crops, access land and capital, pass on the farm to the next generation and more.

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